Being punctual and on time to work. Checking schedule, providing adequate 

time to supervisor for shift changes/shift change approval.

 Having a 

can do attitude. 

Team Building


Be in unison with your fellow employees. Remember neglecting to work as a team player not only effects the job but effects the entire teams performance .

Working together is the key to success.  

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Clean cut, professional attire and good attitude on and off the job. It's not just about how well you dress but how well you communicate. 

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The 5 Pillars of Respect:

Respect your team.

Respect your position.

Respect your job. 

Respect your clients.

Respect yourself.  

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We hire staff who are willing to give it there all. That is why we pay some of the best wages in the business. Hard work means going above and beyond! Setting the bar to the highest of standards.

Heart & Hands


In any relationship trust is the most important aspect. The "T" in team stands for trust. In order to perform as a team you must trust your fellow team mates. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

Guest Satisfaction

  1. Always welcome and greet your guests. 

  2. Make sure each guest is taken care of and feels right at home. 

  3. Remember your guests are your clients. You must treat them with respect and address all guests by their last name. 

  4. Become familiar with guests, members and property staff. 

  5. Ensure that all guests are aware of the various services that are offered at the club/resort. 

  6. Be a local. Provide guests with information about the town and the various attractions to visit. This provides a deeper connection between you and the client.

  7. Go above and beyond to ensure that all guests are being accounted for and taken care of. Remember treat guests the way you would want to be treated if you were on vacation or a club member. Be conscious of your surroundings and act promptly.

Our Service is Our Brand

 Our team and service is our brand.  Our goal is to provide  hardworking, efficient & proficient thinking team members who will go above and beyond to make their workplace a better place. A hotel or club's aesthetics and charm must not only be met by it's architecture but by their staff.